Mark Troester
Vice President of Design

Presenter Profile: Mark Troester is the Vice President of Strategy at Progress. He guides the strategic go-to-market efforts for the Progress app dev strategy. Mark has extensive experience in helping organizations optimize their application delivery process by bringing together the different constituents required to deliver high-impact business applications – designers, developers, QA, data scientists, security professionals, and IT Ops: Mark is especially interested in the evolution of DesignOps and DevOps. Previously, he worked with both up-starts and stalwarts like Sonatype, SAS, and Progress DataDirect. Before these positions, Mark worked as a developer and developer manager for start-ups and enterprises alike. Mark has extensive speaking experience on topics at the intersection of business and technology, including industry events hosted by Gartner, Forrester, TDWI, and more.

Presentation Title: Bridging DesignOps and DevOps

Outline: DesignOps & Design Systems without App Dev is a Non-starter Bridging the gap between designers and developers is a critical success factor in today’s push for digital differentiation. Since designers and developers rarely speak the same language, implementing DesignOps as a way to operationalize a design system can help bridge the divide. Believe it or not, DevOps is 10+ years old and shares some of the same aspects – collaboration between teams, support for a more agile way of developing, with a focus on adding real business value. But with DesignOps, we don’t have 10 years to achieve the same level of maturity as DevOps, or else we will not reach our UX/CX goals. Join this session for an in-depth look at DesignOps and Design Systems from a developer point of view. We’ll share research findings that we have collected, provide educational material about these key design principles and share a set of best practices to ensure your success.

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