Stan Carrico
MTS2 Software Engineer 2
Web Mechanic


Facilitator Profile: Stan is a staff engineer at PayPal working on the next-generation of the company’s Developer Tools platform. With over 15 years of JavaScript and UI development experience, Stan has worked through many of the major trends in web development and continues to apply himself to the latest technologies, patterns and tools with nerdy enthusiasm. In his free time he is a cyclist, hiker, and lover of coffee and wine.

Stan will be conducting this workshop with Erica Rider

Presentation Title: Packing an Elephant: Scaling Design to an Enterprise Level

Outline: This may sound like a silly interview question, but it was the type of challenge the PayPal Developer Platforms and Experience (DPX) team had to solve for in 2019. DPX was asked to build a new web app platform for internal dev tools called the Console with limited resources. The Console platform would support federated development for 100+ product teams while delivering a unified and consistent experience to a small internal army of engineers. With just 3 UX designers. The answer was as wildly simple as putting an elephant into a refrigerator: Re-evaluate and rethink the entire product design and development process. Enter what we call “DesignOps 2.0.” In this workshop, Erica Rider, Anthony Hand, and Stan Carrico will discuss the core principals of their DesignOps2.0 methodology along with the significant gains they have seen in adopting this new model of product design and development. Through exercises and discussion, presenters and participants will engage in conversations on scaling design by rethinking the roles of designers and product teams, gaining executive and team buy in, and leveraging advanced tooling and infrastructure to support new models and ways of working.

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