Scott Kiekbusch 
Senior Director of Program Management
Design Leader & Author

Presenter Profile: Scott Kiekbusch (rhymes with Geek-Bush) is a digital product strategist, designer, speaker, and author with nearly 20 years of experience in the design industry. Scott has contributed to the design & delivery of products used regularly by millions of users and built & matured experience design practices within digital agencies and large global brands. He’s an outspoken advocate for problem framing techniques and integrating human centered design as the primary strategy to transform users into fans. His book with co-author Laura Fish, The Designer’s Guide to Product Vision via Pearson Peachpit, New Riders Imprint, will be available in May 2020.

Presentation Title: The Opportunity Backlog Framework

Outline: Have you ever believed that there has to be a better way than a product roadmap to define and prioritize your team’s workload? Have you ever questioned how a list of 12-18 months-worth of features really serves customer needs? There is an alternative to the product roadmap… The Opportunity Backlog Framework. Workshop attendees will learn the benefits of the Opportunity Backlog Framework (problem-focused) vs a traditional product roadmap (feature-focused). 

The workshop will cover practical examples of how to manage the Opportunity Backlog to identify user problems, validate design concepts, and fuel the product backlog. Topics include: 

• How an Opportunity Backlog is different/better than a product roadmap 

• Identifying & defining problem statements (including problem statement syntax) • Articulating design challenges 

• Creating measurable hypotheses (including hypothesis statement syntax) • Prototyping MVPs & testing techniques 

• A hands-on exercise where workshop attendees can practice & hone their new skills

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