Steven Wakabayashi
Founder and President of

Presenter Profile: Steven Wakabayashi (he/him) is a creative director, changemaker, and founder of mission-driven organizations empowering historically marginalized communities within design, tech, and mindfulness industries. After leading creative teams at many notable brands and agencies including Apple, Google, Walmart, Huge, and Razorfish, he is now creating pathways for queer BIPOC creatives into the design industry through QTBIPOC Design, creating safe spaces for BIPOC communities within mindfulness through Mindful Sights, and designing equitable products and experiences for clients with his creative agency Stranger Creative.

Workshop Title: Setting the foundations for an Inclusive Research Practice

Outline: As more aspects of our lives become reliant on technology, creating equitable digital products will be paramount to ensuring the safety and well-being of our diverse communities. We will share some of the insights from our organizations that lead us to more mindful and inclusive ways of design, and some lessons in ways that we can shift our design industry towards a more equitable creative process.

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