Dorin Vancea
Author and Founder

Presenter Profile: Dorin describes himself as a Strategy-Design Hybrid, with over 15 years of practice experience, and over eight years in leadership positions.

We live in a fast-paced world with ever-changing business needs and customer expectations that require a quick response to stay competitive. In his recent roles, he has been responsible for delivering end-to-end products and services supporting businesses in this transformation.

His approach to driving strategic change in teams and organisations is lean and entrepreneurial. He is confident in both sketching the map (strategy) and navigating the territory (execution), covering all major aspects of a complete solution, like Strategy, Design(SD, UX, UI), Research, Marketing, and more.

Presentation Title: Human-centred individuals, teams, and organisations 

Outline: Human-centred individuals, teams, and organisations  To thrive in an ever-changing landscape and customers expectations, we need to create a business culture focused on both customers and internal teams with processes that enable innovation and resilience at scale.  Explore tools and methods that can help us transform and move towards a human-centred culture, focusing on: 1. Customers – Value to customers(customer-centricity)  2. Teams – Create resilient individuals and teams  3. Business – Enable lean ways of working and continuous learning   Case study: – A temperature check tool for teams

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