Emma Carter
Author and Principal UX Designer 

Presenter Profile: After running an award winning design agency in the UK, and being shortlisted for entrepreneur of the year in 2011, Emma moved to Brisbane and joined ThoughtWorks as a User Experience Designer. She’s the author of the best selling book, as voted by Amazon: ‘Beyond The Logo’.

With over thirteen years of experience in branding, visual design and user experience design, Emma takes a user-centered approach to her work with a focus on, branding, user experience, marketing, interaction, and interface design.

To truly create the ‘Total Brand Experience’ she believes you need to combine, strategy, design and technology.

Presentation Title: ‘That hurts my eyes’ 

Outline: ‘According to research, you’re going to spend 10% more time looking at my speaker profile than reading my Bio, which is a little bit creepy.’

65% of the population are visual learners and more than 500 million people use Instagram daily to like photos, comment and post stories. Visual design is in our DNA and it impacts our overall product experience. 

The rise of design sprints, MVP’s and simply getting an idea out there as fast as possible to test and gain feedback is great to validate an idea. The continuous delivery of products ensures we are always testing and constantly delivering better experience to customers. However, the visual design of products and software is often seen as just adding the lipstick and some delivery teams don’t even have time to go back over products and add the polish to create a better experience for customers, yet 65% of the population are visual learners.   

How much impact does the visual aesthetics really have on the user behavior and overall product experience? 

During her talk, Emma will walk you through the impact visual aesthetics has on user behavior and overall product experience. How brands like Uber use visual elements to optimise pages.  This presentation will explain how our brains work and process visual elements. How visual elements guide users’ attention and how brands are boosting their revenue by combining their brand and key user interface design. All of which is vital for any successful product.

Company Website: https://www.thoughtworks.com