Chris Downs 
Design Leader

Presenter Profile: Chris Downs, is one of the true pioneers of Service Design. He founded live|work, the world’s first service design agency in 2001. His client experience includes Google, IKEA, The BBC and Spotify and he is now Design Leader at Normally. Normally is a research and design studio exploring and exploiting the material properties of data.

Presentation Title: Design for Data

Outline:   In this talk, I am going to expose what it means to bring design to data. Eight years ago, the multidisciplinary design studio – Normally – set out on an expedition to answer the question ‘what are the material properties of data?’

I am going to share what we have learned about Purpose – what can and should we be using data for? Process – how can we turn it from a raw material into valuable utility? And Product – how can we make it useful, usable and safe to use?

During this talk I will share our answers to this question, and reveal some of the other important questions we discovered along the way. I will also explain practical examples; discuss the shifts required in skills and organisational culture; explore methods, tools and processes; and also cover client relationships and ethics in order to explore, exploit and enhance the value of what The Economist refers to ‘as the world’s most valuable resource’ – data.

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