Valentine M. Emmanuel
Experience Design & Strategy Lead
Innovation Hub, Daiichi Sankyo

Presenter Profile: Valentine Emmanuel is a veteran UX design leader with deep expertise in transforming digital products and services via a specific focus on human-centered design principles. Over the course of 15 years in the industry, he has built and led teams in the design and operationalization of user-centric processes and Lean solutions that accelerated growth for companies across the healthcare, automotive, energy, IoT, and technology sectors. He also founded, a social media agency dedicated to helping SME clients bring their brands to an online audience. The agency was acquired by a strategic buyer in 2019.

Currently, Valentine is the Experience Design & Strategy Lead at the Digital Innovation Hub of Daiichi Sankyo Europe, a global pharmaceutical company. Here, his focus is on driving innovation within the healthcare sector to improve life of both patients and doctors. Prior to this, he worked for BMW Financial Services. He developed the Customer Experience strategy, led teams in the digital transformation of the company’s product portfolio to fuel revenue growth and drove seamless customer and user experiences at key touchpoints.


Presentation Title: ‘The ROI of Experience Design’

Outline: The business case of experience design initiatives has generally been a contentious topic, with many organizations finding it challenging to assess the trade-offs required to truly empower Design teams. While operationalizing experience design varies from industry to industry, it is critical for businesses to have a robust business plan and understanding of ROI to provide the appropriate levels of resources and support for experience design. 

In this presentation, we will call upon examples from the speaker’s experiences across various industries to illustrate the various ROI calculation methodologies that can be implemented to unlock productive outcomes in performance measurement and resource allocation.

Join Valentine in his talk on how ROI measurement is done in today’s organizations and the possibilities of the future, and walk away with actionable insights and a scalable methodology on calculating the ROI of experience design within your organization.

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