Lilia Royanova
Senior UX Program Manager

Presenter Profile: Lilia started her career in management consulting, then came to Google and worked with internal sales teams.  She shifted director and made a move to product and UX design, stumbling upon the UX Program Manager role. 

Fast forward and today she co-plansthe  internal UX PgM Summit for 250+ people and has extensive experience working on enterprise and consumer products, as well as horizontal program teams. Lilia is passionate about Design Operations and the value it can bring to the UX practice as a whole. 

Presentation Title: “Scaling DesignOps, Scaling Yourself & Design System Woes”

Outline:  In her talk, Lilia will explain how to move from the basics of tracking a few projects to scaling processes across numerous distributed design teams working across a range of projects on enterprise and consumer products.

Lilia will speak to examples from her own experience of growing teams and cover the nuances of working on vertical product teams vs. horizontal programs.  

Over the last year Lilia has helped run an internal design system team at Google. She’ll discuss the key challenges and lessons learned about how to set up successful engagement models and how to management a design system at scale at Google.

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