Dr Joachim Scholz
AR Marketing Professor
Goodman School of Business

Presenter Profile: Dr. Joachim Scholz is a leading augmented reality (AR) marketing professor who has researched and taught about AR’s potential since 2014. He published the first-ever conceptual article on AR marketing in 2016, which won Article of the Year award. In 2020, Dr. Scholz launched the world’s first dedicated AR Marketing courses for undergraduate and MBA students. He is a research professor at Brock University, advisory board member for York University’s Future of Marketing Institute, and member of Adweek’s Academic Council. He frequently publishes in academic journals and industry publications, and he has presented his research and insights at over 30 international conferences and industry events. Dr. Scholz helps brands thrive in augmented realities by revealing what value AR and related technologies provide to consumers. His psychological, sociological, and anthropological research on how consumers actually use AR in their daily lives identifies new benefits and potentials for AR. By connecting consumer insights to cutting edge marketing strategies and technological trends, Dr. Scholz develops conceptual frameworks and road maps that help marketers see the big picture of AR and its implications for marketing strategy and retailing. For more info on his research and available speaking topics, see http://www.joachimscholz.com.


Presentation Title: The True Potential of Augmented Reality is Beyond Imagination

Outline: This talk radically expands our understanding of augmented reality’s potential for marketing strategy and branding. Dr. Scholz uncovers how AR provides value to consumers within e- commerce and communications contexts by (a) reconceptualizing what ‘customers’ are and by (b) differentiating between the ‘materiality of products’ versus the ‘materiality of bodies’. These new perspectives will allow the audience to unlock the bigger potential of AR for their own brands: Rather than using AR solely to reassure customers, attendees will learn about AR’s potential to excite consumers, create deep consumer-brand relationships, and help consumers believe in themselves. This talk is based on Dr. Scholz ethnographic research of makeup consumers who use Sephora’s Virtual Artist AR shopping app, as well as his immersion in the AR marketing industry since 2014. Dr. Scholz combines consumer interviews, anthropological and sociological theories of consumption, and cutting edge marketing frameworks to reveal how brands can thrive in augmented realities. Suitable for all audiences. This talk is designed to look at augmented reality through a new pair of eyes, which will provide even the most experienced listeners with a deeper understanding of AR marketing.

Company Website: https://brocku.ca/goodman/faculty-research/faculty-directory/joachim-scholz/