‘Accessibility & Inclusivity – Design For All’ 

Important Notice: Given the challenging situation with the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) and the resulting restrictions on travel and social gatherings this year we will provide a live video streaming event online! 

This ‘virtual conference’ was a huge success last year and our aim is to support a remote first and distributed model of learning, working, networking and connecting! If you would like to speak or hold an online happening or activity such as workshop please submit an outline an proposal.

As organisers we  celebrate diversity and inclusivity and we are excited to explore these themes this year. Polite notice: The organisers have a zero tolerance of bullying, homophobia, race-hate, religious-hate, and sexism. 

The DesignOps Global Conference is the preeminent global conference for #DesignOps #ResearchOps #CreativeOps #ContentOps #StudioOps #BusinesOps & #InnovationOps.

The Conference is aimed at senior leaders and managers, design practitioners, user researchers, product owners, developers, service innovators and business leaders that are defining the way we practice design and deliver innovation in the service-product continuum.

Learn from the world’s leading designers and developers how they are tranforming global businesses and creating new products and services using DesignOps, ResearchOps (ResOps) ContentOps, InnovationOps, DevOps and EnterpriseOps. We have an amazing line-up of thought leaders and practitioners talking about a range of subjects relating to #Design, #Research, #Innovation, Product Design, Service Design, #Visual Design (#UI), #ComputationalDesign.

We have several themes for this year’s DesignOps Global Conference.

Day 1 | Tuesday, June 8, 2021 – From 14:00 hrs to 19:30 hrs GMT

Session 1: ResearchOps – Researching To Ensure Inclusivity 

Day 2 | Wednesday , June 9, 2021 – From 14:00 hrs to 19:30 hrs GMT

Session 2: DesignOps  – Delivering Accessible Digital Experiences  

Day 3 | Thursday, June 10, 2021 – From 14:00 hrs to 19:30 hrs GMT

Session 3: InnovationOps – Change For All

 Day 4 | Friday, June 11, 2021 – From 14:00 hrs to 19:30 hrs GMT

Session 4: Online Learning and Workshops Sessions 

We will be holding a number of workshops through the day in ResearchOps, CreativeOps DesignOps, InnovationOps, Critiqes and Feedback Sessions, Scaling DesignOps.