Sarah Winters
Content Design London

Presenter Profile: Founder of the content design movement, Sarah pioneered the standards during her 10-year career with the UK government. As head of content design for the Government Digital Service (GDS), Sarah created and implemented the content strategy for the GOV.UK website. After leaving GDS, Sarah took her knowledge and wrote the respected and highly popular Content Design – a book for anyone creating user-centred content. She also launched Content Design London to provide training and consultation in content strategy and content design for governments, charities and organisations in the UK and worldwide. Sarah is also a respected and in-demand speaker and shares her expertise to audiences at conferences, meet-ups and events globally.


Presentation Title: ‘Content Operations – Building accessible content design into your process.’

Outline: Building accessible content design into your process. Content is often seen as the last thing in the design process: fit your content into these boxes please. Sarah will take you through examples of how: • content design can make or break your multi-million pound service, • legally approved content won’t save you in court, • how easy it is to create accessible content from inception and what it might cost you if you don’t.

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