Camilla Damgaard-Sørensen 
Digital Product Design Specialist
Novo Nordisk

Presenter Profile: Camilla Damgaard-Soerensen is a Digital Product Design Specialist with Novo Nordisk Device Delivery Systems where she leads the design of digital and physical user experiences for next generation medical devices. Camilla worked number of years as a hands-on designer, usability engineer and design manager and she has also been pivotal in bringing design thinking to Novo Nordisk. Camilla now plays a vital role in the digital transformation of the future device portfolio. She believes in the power of design and that while the process of designing digital healthcare experiences by nature is wicked and complex – solutions can only be simple.

Presentation Title: Hardware and Interface Design Systems for Inclusivity 

Outline: There’s a huge potential in digital health solutions – but first we must understand the cognitive bandwidth of the key actors – patients and health care professionals: What goes on in the minds of patients who are new to chronic illnesses – and what’s the doctors perspective? Design plays a key role in tomorrow’s sustainable healthcare solutions and in this talk explores key aspects of designing digital and physical touch points for all, in Healthcare

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