Alberto Vitullo
Head of Experience Design
Merkle, Denmark

Presenter Profile: Alberto is an Italian designer who has lived for 7 years in Copenhagen. As the Head of Experience Design at Merkle, Denmark, Alberto pays attention to details with a sharp focus on design quality. His philosophy is to be flexible and versatile while learning to adapt to new tasks, people and situations.

His work in photography, graphic, branding, and product design has allowed him to live in Italy, London, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen. Through these experiences, he’s honed his expertise and specialty in design systems, a discipline that’s taught him how to combine multiple crafts into effective, smart solutions for his clients.

He has a daughter with whom I love painting and spending most of my time.he loves to dance salsa!

Presentation Title: Design systems adoption

Outline: Adoption. From a brand identity to a design system, success is always related to how well clients implement them. What can designers and companies do to raise the likelihood of success for their products. I will talk about how to successful implement a design system at scale and discuss the challenges of how to ensure the design system is adopted and used as part of design operations. 

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