Anya Ernest
Exploration Lead

Presenter Profile: Anya is driven by understanding how technology, business, and design interact in order to design meaningful user experiences and creative digital services. She finds inspiration in trying to understand scenarios and how people act in them. In the role she explores now, Anya leads Polestar’s explorative work from a service and systemic design perspective through partnerships, student relations and cross-organisational work. She is also responsible for the continuous exploration of the in-car apps within Android Automotive for all Polestar markets. Anya studied Interaction Design at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is also a regular participant in panels and podcasts, as well as a regular lecturer at Hyper Island and Yrgo.


Presentation Title: Be Bold, Stay Humble – Service Design in the Automotive Industry and Beyond

Outline: How we work with design is a key question to know where we are going and to understand what we need to do better. As service designers, we need to work with bold hypothesis and not wait for things to easily fall into our lap. We need to stay humble and remind ourselves that we do not know everything, but at the same time be ready to take leaps forward and believe in what we design. Be bold enough to take the lead. Finding the right recipe for bold decisions and innovative design is something that needs to be tackled on several areas. It might mean in establishing in-house design departments, that can grow familiar with the organisation and therefore can dare to try new things. It might be in the way we engage junior designers who are new in the field and build the bold from the beginning. And it might very well be found in the process of testing bold hypotheses, evaluating using data, and building on these learnings when moving forward. We need to disrupt the traditional ways, with digital innovation at the core.

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