Zeynep Baltalıoğlu
Senior User Experience Designer

Presenter Profile: My design adventure has started with Interactive Media Design at Yıldız Technical University in 2008, İstanbul, and has been enriched with Innovation Design study at Mälardalen University, Vasteras, via Erasmus Program. Since then, I have been working on experience user design since 2012 with large design teams and companies specialized in this field in İstanbul. I started my career as an interaction designer and now i am a Senior Expert User Experience Designer at Turkcell. With this role, I have many different responsibilities: enriching the visions of business teams and my designs by constant communication with out research team, making special reportings for the directorates for process follow-up, execute meetings to catch up development roadmap and task planning. In addition, I work for social responsibility projects, one of the issues that Turkcell attaches importance to, training high school students about design, prepare educational videos for developers about design tools and also take an active role in initiatives such as DesignOps. It is a great pleasure for me to see that many of the products we have designed are used by millions of people in their daily lives. 

I Presentation Title: Design operations and design systems at scale in a company transitioning from a telecom to a technology company.

Outline:  At Turkey’s largest telecommunication and technology service provider Turkcell, we support approximately 100 products with our design system that we run with 11 designers and 36 design consultants. Since our team consists of 4 squads and they each deal with products with different unique values, our business conduct may differ from each other. I would like to share with you what we do well, our weak points, the areas we want to enrich, the research we have done using DesignOps in which we set out to discover the situations where we need to set design standards, how we determined the roadmap, where we encountered resistance in this established system, and how we determined where the designers using our standards can deviate from these so they can adapt it to their own systems.

Company Website: https://www.turkcell.com.tr