Head of DesignOps

Speaker Profile: Mateusz is Head of DesignOps at Nordea where he leads and has helped scale CX, UX Design and Service Design across the bank. He is interested in design crafts, methods and processes – making design and human centred principles an integral part of each phase of Software Development Process. He enjoys collaborating with highly-skilled specialists in order to deliver customer-centric services for the banking industry.

In his free time, Mateusz likes sailing around the world (check our his personal website here –

Presentation Title: Design Operations vs Enterprise Agile Software Development 

Outline: Mateusz will share his experiences and provide insights related to scaling design thinking, design operations and implementing the fundaments of becoming design-driven company in Nordea Bank – a provider of financial services. He will describe the way he defines their processes and ways of working in their CX Capability Area with 50 designers across 4 teams scattered around 5 countries with capabilities in Service Design, UX Design and Content Design. His team supports the development of end-to-end customer experience design services for a number of of Nordea Digital Software Development Teams running SAFe Agile.

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