Russel Effio
Andreas Markdalen
Design Directors


Presenter Profile: Andreas Markdalen leads relationships with Fortune 500 brands and emerging venture clients across multiple industries and geographies; with foci on Product Design Innovation, Design Language Systems, Brand and User Experience, while Russell Effio has worked for 20+ years with leading brands from around the world, helping clients define and design, human centered products, services and experiences that align people, business and technology.

Presentation Title: How to grow an Orange – Design Systems at Scale 

Outline: Title:  In our talk we examine Bruno Munari’s story of the Orange from 1966 as a starting point for a discourse around the intersection between Design Systems and DesignOps. We speak to principles that describe perfected systems design in nature, and to the evolving role of design in organisations as we’re transitioning away from artefact-centric design (toward environments where design is nurtured). Our central question is: How would Munari have described the orange today? We’ll use a new Design Systems/ Design Ops case study for Orange Spain to show our theory in practise.

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