Eden Lazaness
Head of Design & Innovation

Presenter Profile: Eden work’s at King’s College London as the Head of Design and Innovation. She is the ‘Online’ product owner making King’s e-learning content and its courses accessible to students all over the world using innovative technology and user centred design principles. She is responsible for the product strategy, roadmap and leads cross-functional collaboration of the design, development, media and content teams. With a background in the arts, she was fascinated by the internet since early childhood and was self-taught developer. She brings a holistic view of the design and build process with a hands-on approach and heaps of experience with UX design as well as web development. 

Presentation Title: Developing CX and Research Operations for a International E-Learning Platform

Outline: Since joining the King’s Online team we have has established a new UX team to work alongside the development, content and media teams. The goal for the first year was to understand our end-users (students and staff) and to develop empathetic approaches to design to create a better experience and product. We have conducted extensive research with current and past students. I’d like to take you through that journey and share tips and hacks, as well as share processes, tools, approaches to teamwork and how to develop a manage prioritise and manage work throughout that process.

Company Website: https://www.kcl.ac.uk