Jenna Lawrence
Product Designer

Presenter Profile: Jenna Lawrence is a Product Designer, Design Thinking and DesignOps Educator and Certified Cloud Practitioner with over 15 years of professional design experience in industries ranging from small to large business, non-profits, finance, Canadian government, natural resources, and entertainment. She graduated with an advanced diploma in interaction design from Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technologies in 2008. Her specialties include interaction design, visual design, user experience design, research, teaching, mentoring, leadership, consulting, accessibility, and project management. Jenna is working toward becoming a Design Leader and growing the Design Community at IBM.

Workshop Title: Activating & Scaling DesignOps in Large Organisations

Outline: Enabling DesignOps at scale brings the promise of effective transformation for design teams—their capabilities, performance, and business outcomes. But what does it take to operationalize this within your own organization? 

In this workshop participants will explore and assess how they might scale essential areas of DesignOps to better support and build sustainable design teams within their own organizations. Jenny Price and Jenna Lawrence, two IBM DesignOps leaders, will lead participants through a series of IBM Design Thinking exercises that will ultimately result in a customized roadmap that participants can bring back to their organizations.      

  • During this hands-on, team-based workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to assess and ideate on their organization’s approach to scaling DesignOps by: 
  • Exploring strategies for advancing DesignOps across your organization
  • Engaging with other DesignOps leaders who are interested in solving for pain-points
  • Selecting concepts that will be the most useful for your organization
  • Developing a 30-60-90 day roadmap specifically for your organization to explore further iteration
  • Learning more about DesignOps resources, methodologies, and applications

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