Ben Landrum
Design Director & Principal

Presenter Profile: Ben is currently the Design Director at IBM where he is a Principal in Assets & Offerings, part of IBM Services. Ben began his design career at Proctor & Gamble where he was responsible for  front-end innovation. Ben studied Industrial Design at SCAD where he was award his Masters and he has always been interested in innovation, user centred design and applying Design Operations to help clients transform their services. He has worked in various roles at IBM including as Design Team Lead for Watson Financial Services working with clients in the USA. Ben is also a certified IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Leader.

Presentation Title: ‘Covert DesignOps: How to Transform an Organization Behind Its Back’

Outline: Transforming your organization is really about transforming your people, and people are notoriously resistant to change. The advantages of incorporating human-centric design practices into your workflows are well documented, but not nearly as well-adopted. What if the secret is to empower your people to learn by doing? What if you didn’t use the word “design” at all? Learn how a small team in IBM’s Global Business Services completely transformed how the rest of the organization collaborates, makes decisions, and creates new market-ready offerings. Discover how the team adopted these practices without ever using the word “adoption.” Learn the value of research, thoughtful communication strategies, and how carefully recruited advocates can help you leverage these practices to drive your own transformation.

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