Paul Jervis Heath
Chief Creative Officer
Modern Human

Presenter Profile: Paul-Jervis Heath is an award-winning product strategist and designer with almost 25 years of experience. He is Chief Creative Officer and a founding partner of Modern Human, a multidisciplinary design practice and innovation consultancy. Modern Human design products, services and environments that empower and liberate ordinary people every day. PJH’s highly diverse portfolio of design projects includes dashboards for autonomous vehicles, smart home appliances, intelligent environments, digitally integrated retail stores, publishing services that accelerate the pace of human discovery, geospatial information services to enable conservationists to protect endangered species and augmented reality toys. He has designed libraries, museum exhibits and even a call centre. Paul Jervis Heath has built design practices within a number of organisations. He is the former Head of Innovation at Cambridge University and has led design at a number of London design firms.

Presentation Title: Metaversed: strategic opportunities in Web 3

Outline: The components of the next iteration of the internet are already part of our everyday experience. Yet the pace of technological change has left many organisations fearful of missing opportunities and created a tendency to react to all technological trends equally. They find themselves stifled and overstretched. Where are the strategic opportunities in the emerging metaverse? In this talk, Paul Jervis Heath will share his work in these emergent technologies. He will share Modern Human’s research amongst South Korea’s deep fandoms looking at the future of fan experiences. Beyond concerts in Fortnite; he will discuss the impact of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and virtual goods in monetising crossover communities and creating deeper fan experiences in one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries. He will share how existing CCTV is being used to project physical spaces into virtual worlds and look at the possibilities that this might create for extending the real world into the metaverse and back again. Imagine the realities of hybrid working when real world objects can be mapped into 4-dimensional virtual worlds. From these early explorations of in the coming metaverse he will share a strategic framework of how web 3 technologies will impact our everyday experiences.

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