Lona Moore
Global Design Community Lead

Speaker Profile: Lona Moore is the Global Design Community Lead at ExxonMobil, where she supports over 100 full-time design professionals and 1500 design enthusiasts at the company. As a lead in her DesignOps team, she promotes design across the company and enables ExxonMobil’s designers to be more impactful by stewarding design careers, providing skill development opportunities, and connecting people in the design community. As a gnome medic in her Dungeons and Dragons game outside of work, she enables mission success by tinkering with magical gadgets and healing her teammates.

Presentation Title: Developing A Design Career Framework 

Outline: Enabling design practices in any organization can be challenging. Enabling them in one of the world’s largest corporations with over a hundred years of history is an even greater challenge, especially when design teams experience exponential growth like they have at ExxonMobil. Despite this growth, as of early 2019, there were no formal processes or frameworks in place for supporting learning and career development for design at ExxonMobil. My job was to fix that. Whether you are facing similar challenges in your organization or you are just curious about our journey, join me as I discuss how I created ExxonMobil’s design career framework and how you can apply these techniques to help designers achieve their career goals, regardless of your organization’s design maturity.

Company Website: https://corporate.exxonmobil.com