Global DesignOps Community Lead

Profile: Lona Moore is the Global ExxonMobil Design Community Lead. She supports over 100 full-time design professionals and 1000 design enthusiasts at ExxonMobil by promoting design and by providing tools, community events, and skill development opportunities.

Title: Developing Design Communities & A Design Career Framework

Outline: Exponential growth in our design community required a better way of scaling and supporting learning as well as career development for design at ExxonMobil by defining roles, levels and competencies. Join Lona Moore as she discusses how she created ExxonMobil’s Design Career Framework, including her research process to understand what matters; a deep-dive into the design disciplines, roles, and skills that matter for design professionals at ExxonMobil, and how you can apply this framework at your organization.

Website: https://www.exxonmobil.com