Dr. Florian Sametinger
Team Lead Research

Presenter Profile: A PhD in Design Research, Dr. Florian Sametinger works at the intersection of sustainability, design, and strategy. All with a focus on guiding innovation processes from first concept to market and beyond. As KISKA’s Research Lead, he is especially interested in giving decision makers the foundation necessary to understand the impact their products and services have on society, the environment, and culture. Florian uses a mixed-method research approach and joins KISKA with over a decade of experience in academic, agency, and corporate settings. He has worked with Deutsche Telekom, Commerzbank, BSH, BMW, the Wuppertal Institute for Climate Research, and the Fraunhofer Institute.

Presentation Title: Putting sustainability strategy into practice

Outline: The creative agency scene is in flux, with large-scale studios waving the sustainability banner and proposing innovation paths for clients that were previously unthinkable. At KISKA, embedding a circular approach into every step of the brand design process is becoming the new normal. Consulting clients from the very first concept to well beyond market launch, we appreciate the impact we can have on a range of industries. Strategically, as well as on the product and service levels. In this talk, we’ll share our challenges and experiences, starting with how we manifested the circular approach at scale across the global team-base. You’ll also learn how it’s being put into practice in services like UX/UI Design, Apparel and Gear Design, Product Experience Design, Transportation Design, and Brand Communication. Using projects, you’ll see how we brought a sustainable perspective to clients that (previously) did not make sustainability their priority. Finally, we’ll outline what the future of sustainability looks like to an international brand and design agency like KISKA.

Company Website: https://kiska.com