‘DesignOps – New Frontiers in Design’

We have an amazing line-up of design thought leaders and practitioners talking about a range of subjects relating to DesignOps, Product Design, Service Service, ResearchOps,  User Behaviour and the merging practices, toolchains and cultures that support the delivery of new products and services in the digital economy.

We have speakers from IBM, Fjord/Accenture, Ey-Seren, Redhat, Google,  Airbnb, Centrica, Lloyds Banking Group, Publicis-Sapient, Webcredible, Virgin Trains, Unboxed and many more.

Day 1 | May 30th, 2019

DesignOps and the impact of design

How can DesignOps be applied to help the product and design teams to scale with more efficiency? How does DesignOps support better internal work flows, facilitate agile ways of working, increase adaptability and streamline processes? How does DesignOps help organisations to manage all aspects transforming their products and services from research to UX design to visual design and content in a way that is scaleable, fast, and robust across digital platforms and complex service ecosystems?

Collaborating at speed and scale

How does DesignOps help teams connect and contribute to product innovation and deliver delightful experiences to the end-user? How do teams in ResearchOps, DesignOps, DevOps and ContentOps work together to measure success, impacts and deliver value? What tool-chains can we use that dovetail seamlessly to increase flow and deliver efficiency? How do we codify outputs in the design process and apply the principles of DesignOps within diverse sectors and across different sizes of organisation?

Day 2 | May 31st, 2019

Developing new cultures – changing organisations

Why does culture matter in the DesignOps driven organization? How do we  change behaviours, work practices and the way we design and collaborate? What new roles are emerging and how does the designer, product owner, business analyst and the business stakeholders work together in new ways, using new practices, methods and playbooks?

DesignOps in the era of AI and cognitive computing

How are different organizations leveraging people-to-machine and machine-to-machine interactions using autonomous systems to design and create new products and services? How do companies need to change their design practices and development processes  in the era of cognitive computing and what roles will DesignOps play?