Tim Schoch
Interaction Designer

Tim’s passion is to create useful stuff as a freelance designer working with for both traditional 2D Software (mostly Web) and the HoloLens Apps for the last 5 years. Before venturing into design he was a full stack web developer for almost a decade. His projects range from short 2 week agency engagements to year long assignments with in-house development teams. 

As a freelancer he sees many different approaches and he is currently helping clients build their own design systems. Tim has spoken at the Swiss UX Conference, various Meetups and undertaken in-house training and consulting on the topic of Mixed Reality and UX Design.


Title: Start a Design System the right way

Design Systems are everywhere, yet few succeed to make an impact. A Design System is so much more complex than a conventional style guide – they are products in their own rights. Nobody starts coding a product with a quick list of features on a napkin expecting it to subliminally transform the entire companies product range.

But that’s exactly how many Design Systems start out these days. Someone on the UX team is fed up with how scattered the UI is and decides it’s time to fix the mess. This talk focuses on the preparation needed to succeed: set clear goals, manage expectations, dedicate resources, feature decisions, long term maintenance. I will go over a checklist I’ve curated that helps me prepare thoroughly.

In the end the attendees will have a good overview of the important questions they have to answer to launch a successful design system that gets adopted by the product teams.