Behavioural Strategist, Behaviour Lab

Samuel Salzer works as lead behavioural strategist at Behaviour Lab Sweden and is an experienced public speaker on the topics of behaviour design, nudging and digital behaviour change. He is an expert in applied behavioural insights and designing scalable behaviour change interventions for the digital age. Further areas of expertise also include, among others, how behavioural insights can be combined with service design and how increased access and ability to analyze behavioural data can enable us to make better research-based decisions with greater positive impact. 

Having worked with companies and organizations across Sweden, Australia, and North America for many years, Samuel offers a nuanced perspective on the challenges and necessary requirements when attempting to change behaviours on a larger scale. He is currently writing a book on nudging for organizations, which details how organizations can begin methodically applying behavioural insights and nudging in their daily operations. 


Behavioural Design for Good

Learn from a leading practitioner at the cutting edge of applied behavioural science how to begin applying behavioural design in your organization. Connecting behavioural science, service design and experimental methods, this presentation aims to provide practical understanding and tools for designing user driven behaviour change interventions. 

Learn about the fundamentals of human decision making and why we so often get stuck in the intention-action gap.

Learn Behaviour Lab’s methods and tools for successfully applying behaviour design in your organization 

Learn how to combine qualitative and quantitative data to create a measurable impact with your behaviour change intervention

Finally, learn how behaviour design can be used for good, supporting both people, planet, and profit.