Head of DesignOps at Sopra Banking Software

Ramin Javanmardy is the Head of DesignOps at Sopra Banking Software and a digital experience strategist with over 20 years of expertise in a diverse range of technologies across multiple business sectors. Adept at all phases of project lifecycle he has a proven ability to implement standards, procedures and processes that improve business functionality. 


Ramin has introduced DesignOps practices to Sopra Bank. The DesignOps methods used to setup a new team and a new strategy have been crucial to the success of a practice of ‘Doing’ and ‘Outcomes’. DesignOps creates a platform for how the organisation interacts with teams, developing best practices and tools for measuring success that are crucial to the success of developing world class software.  In order for a DesignOps team to succeed, the team members themselves need critical support as they master the business all while solving key problems using UX and service design methodologies. Ramin Javanmardy will talk about what it takes to build a lean DesignOps team and how to lay the foundations for DesignOps to integrate into an organisation.