Director of Service Design, Factotum Design,

Peter Fossick is a seasoned director of design strategy, a creative director, an academic and a speaker specialising in service design, UX design and  innovation using a range of approaches including service design, ZBD, DesignOps and Agile principles to deliver digital transformation and customer-centric experiences within the service-product continuum. He has worked all over the world helping top tier corporations and organisations to transform their services. 

Peter wears many different hats; he is the founder of the IXSD Academy and the Director of Service Design at Factotum Design. He is the former Service Design Program Director at IBM, a former Director of Strategic Design at Boston Consulting Group-Digital Ventures and currently he is working with Publicis Sapient.

Peter set-up the first  BFA and MFA in Service Design, and was course leader of the MDes in Design, Innovation and Management at MDX. He has been a full time lecturer at Glasgow School of Art, SCAD, Middlesex University and the Hong Kong Design Institute.


‘Designing Services using DesignOps’ 

Design as a practice is undergoing a significant change within the product-service continuum in the outcome economy. Seismic shifts in the era of cognitive commuting that includes AI, Machine Learning, IoT, IoE and born in the cloud apps, means that we have to deal with increasing complexity as digital disrupts every sector, transforming the services and the products we use.  

The increasingly dominant role of agile methodologies and the need to collaborate as we deliver outcomes at speed, has precipitated the emergence of Design Operations (DesignOps). 

DesignOps is a way of systemising design practices and using a new and distinct set of approaches and activities to work alongside and dovetail with DevOps (Development Operations) and BizOps (Business Operations) underpinned with ResearchOps (ResOps).

This talk will focus upon DesignOps practices and the operationalisation of service design in the creation of customer-centric, omni-channel experiences as an approach for digital transformation. I will talk about the changing roles of designers in the core team (or Tribe), approaches to research and data informed strategies that create value in the business and how to use hypothesis-driven design (HDD) based on goal driven outcomes using an iterative and agile approach of ‘discover, define, build, test, and measure’. 

This presentation will show how DesignOps can be applied to deliver impactful transformation, improve design capability and expand capacity while working at speed to significantly reduce the time to market of innovative and user-centric products and services while unlocking value in the business.


This workshop will look at the principles, practices, and benefits of applying Service Design methods using DesignOps. It will explore Service Design  and DesignOps practices, methods and activities as well has the toolchains used by the core team to deliver outcomes at speed and scale. I will draw upon examples from across a range of sectors and focus on project work undertaken in the past few years working with large organisations. 



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