Director of Service Design, Factotum Design

Peter Fossick is a seasoned director of design, professor and speaker specialising in service design, UX design and disruptive innovation using a range of approaches including design thinking, Design Ops and Agile Principles to deliver digital transformation and customer-centric experiences within the service-product continuum.

Peter is wears many different hats; he is the founder of the IXSD Academy and the Director of Service Design at Factotum Design. He is the former Service Design Program Director at IBM, a former Director of Strategic Design at Boston Consulting Group-Digital Ventures.

Factotum Design, is a consultancy that specialises in business transformation using service design and DesignOps. Peter is an angel investor, founder of the IXSD Design Academy and as an academic he has led course in Service Design, Design, Innovation and Management and Design Theory and Practice at Glasgow School of Art, SCAD, Middlesex University and HKDI.


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