Marcela Ospina Salcedo grew up in Colombia where she studied anthropology. She had no idea that her studies into human behaviour would one day serve her well as a customer experience specialist, understanding a special kind of Homo Sapien – technology users. Marcela finds herself at the fascinating intersection between humans and technology– between insights and design. She believes that those who successfully bridge the gap of effective design and the complexities of human behaviour have a competitive advantage.

With over 16 years experience Marcella has helped large and mid-size companies design digital and mobile services, products and end-to-end solutions. She is designer and an ethnographer that has worked in 15 different countries specialising in service design. She crafted her career as a user researcher and a user experience consultant on mobile and digital technology in South Africa. Marcela is passionate about helping organisations transform and adapt to new ways of working by designing better processes that align with their employees and the services’ users’ behaviours and needs.Outline

Marcella will talk about the do’s and don’ts of setting up a design practice in a large organisation. The presentation draws from her experience helping a 13,000 people in an  IT organisation build an in- house service design capability and adopt new ways of working. This project was nominated as a finalist in the Service Design Network Awards 2018. 

By combining real people’s stories with the self-reflective exercise of a  DesignOps practice, she will explain how to effectively apply a user-centric and service dominant  design mindset to embrace transformational change