Head of Digital, Accenture Interactive

Hammad Khan is Head of Digital for Accenture Interactive (Dubai). Previously Hammad was Head of EY-Seren AIM, covering the unified markets of Africa, India and the Middle East. With 20 years of experience in human centric design, Hammad has been a central figure in spearheading digital design and transformation in the AIM region.

Hammad is interested in how we reconcile European and global design principles, cultural identities and design practices within emerging markets while recognising and respecting specific and contextual cultural differences. Hammad will talk about his experience of how design operations have been adapted and developed within large management consultancies and how he has scaled DesignOps across Africa, India and the Middle East.


Hammad will highlight the challenges and the amazing journey he has been on  in AIM. In this talk he will share insights, lessons, tips and inspiration from how the he has used organisation design, established innovation centres, developed tool chains, implemented brand design and recruited a ‘mobile’ talent pool to set up appropriate and culturally specific design practices in AIM with its unique cultural context. He will focus on how DesignOps are the key to making it all work.