UX Designer, Strategist, Speaker, Author and Coach

Greg Nudelman is a UX Designer, Trainer, Strategist, Speaker, Author and CEO of DesignCaffeine, Inc. For over 20 years he has helped his clients; Intuit, Oracle, Cisco, eBay, USAA, Wells Fargo, Safeway, Associated Press and Groupon amass satisfied customers and create $100s of millions in valuation. 

Greg has presented over 60 UX talks and workshops in 18 countries, including a record of 4 workshops at SXSW. He has authored 5 UX books: UX Design for Chatbots and Virtual Assistants (Smashing Book #6, Smashing Media, 2018), $1 Prototype: Prototype Anything and Win with Lean UX (2nd edition in 2017); Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers; Smashing Mobile Book (co-authored); Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success. Greg’s 6th book: Lean UX Playbook: 40 Strategies for Agile Digital Product Teams, is slated for release in 2019.


Lean UX Playbook Workshop 

Part 1: Set up for Success Specialists, generalists, or UX Ninjas? Structuring your team for success Interviewing UXers – from practical skills to inspiration Hands-on practice: interviewing through storytelling exercise 

Part 2: Day-to-Day Operations Extreme Ownership Penetrating the Dev-Star Where UX fits in the Agile Process Agile Scrum vs. Kanban The practice of Daily Scrum Hands-on practice: giving a good 30-second Scrum presentation Working with dev teams Working with Product Hands-on practice: writing good Agile stories The Art and Science of design critique Hands-on practice: delivering a good design critique

Part 3: UX Ninja Secrets Using Policies to empower your team Hands-on practice: writing policies Design Framework: screens and components Hands-on practice: creating your design framework Agile stories: from stories to epics to RITE testing questions Hands-on practice: writing user test questions from your Agile story Prototyping: having two prototypes running at the same time 

Discussion: what would you include in each prototype? Physical Mashups examples: prototyping our communication Using existing component design frameworks (Google, AWS, Bootstrap, etc.) Discussion: how would using third-party framework affect your process? Utilizing technology (AI, Chatbots, Cloud apps, etc.) for high-def prototypes Final Q & A and Wrap up