UX Infrastructure Lead, Google

Dawn Herman (UX Infrastructure Lead at Google) is co-presenting with Priya Chandrasekaren (UX Program Manager, Google) 

Before joining Google in 2015, Dawn’s journey included Program Manager roles with Apple Engineering, Adobe Marketing Communications, and Intuit Design Strategy. She also created a UX PMO at PayPal. Dawn enjoys bringing out the best in people and minding the gap by aligning team structure, priorities and culture. Dawn seeks inspiration through travel, be it a dude ranch in Wyoming or an Amazonian research center or home-building project in Mexico. 


When moving from stop to stop in the journey that is DesignOps collaboration, we need to quickly identify the gap and overcome it. As DesignOps leaders, we highlight these gaps and plan for them by developing new portfolios. What strategies can equip you to spot these gaps in advance and socialize potential changes? We’ll explore new opportunities for your organization to scale to solve 85% of the needs, while proving your value and achieving seamless integration in the culture.  At Google we celebrate a bottoms up and top down approach to leadership. While that allows for innovative new ideas it can lead to chaos, by minding the gap we can allow for flexibility in approaches and thinking and still deliver powerful results with an empowered team.