Director of User Experience & Optimisation

Chris Gibbins is a passionate User Experience and Optimisation specialist with many years of experience helping retailers and other ecommerce businesses continually improve and innovate the customer experience. 

Leading a talented team at Biglight, an experience design agency that combines the power of customer insight, UX and design with constant innovation and experimentation to help leading brands create remarkable customer experiences.

Our clients include ASDA, Boden, EuroCarParts, Eurostar, Furniture Village, Halfords, Hobbs, The North Face, Timberland, Vans & Wilko.


Making stuff up doesn’t cut it anymore! In retail especially there’s just too much at stake to rely on guesswork, copying your competitors or blindly following best practice. 

Retailers need to be focussing their design efforts on solving real customer problems more quickly and effectively than the competition whilst at the same time pushing beyond the obvious solution by experimenting with alternative more adventurous ideas. There’s often a better way of solving a problem waiting to be discovered if you design through experimentation. 

It’s this continual improvement and innovation of the customer experience that’s essential for retailers to embrace if they are to survive the ultra competitive market and the onslaught of Amazon. 

At Biglight we’re doing our best to help our clients to do just this through our iterative design process we call Customer Experience Optimisation. We evolve the digital experience at pace with large scale experimentation using online A/B testing and personalisation technologies.

In this talk I’ll discuss our processes, share examples of our roadmaps, the actual design work and some experiment results.