Boris Divjak
Head of Design at Unboxed

Boris Divjak is the Head of Design at Unboxed, where he works in close collaboration with clients to shape their digital innovation strategies and build their capability for design thinking through hands-on delivery of digital transformation projects. He is interested in using service design for systemic change and social impact, working on projects that deliver value to organisations and transform the way they communicate both internally and with their customers. He has worked with a wide range of clients from digital social ventures to public sector organisations. He has been developing an approach to gather impact for future service improvements based on theories of change and applying it on projects with local authorities and healthcare organisations in London.

Presentation Outline

This talk explores how Unboxed is using “Theories of Change” to guide the design of future service innovations towards desired outcomes and how this helps us evaluate the impact of our design work. Theories of change have been used since the 1990s to evaluate development programmes in many different contexts, such as philanthropy and international development. They can be used to guide the design process as well as to evaluate existing services. One of the main benefits of this approach is that it compels the design team to explicitly articulate assumptions about how a proposed concept might achieve an intended outcome and how these outcomes might lead to long-term impact. These assumptions can then be validated through prototyping and research activities. The talk will cover recent examples of applying this approach in our work with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS trust and with the Hackney Council housing repairs services in London. In both cases, the evidence of impact provided by this approach helped us gain buy-in from senior stakeholders and secure funding for further development of the digital services we were working on.