Experience Director (Webcredible) & Senior Digital (Virgin Trains)

Andy is an Experience Director at Webcredible who works with global brands to create and deliver a vision for their future. He builds ongoing relationships with clients that genuinely want to make a difference, leading a team from Webcredible to deliver work that is consistently delivering against strategic objectives and big picture thinking for clients such as Age UK, RBS and Virgin Trains. He makes use of modern working practices such as DesignOps to ensure his teams and clients are working in the most streamlined and optimal way possible.

Jess is a Senior Digital Product Manager at Virgin Trains and passionate about improving the digital experience of the millions of passengers we serve each year. I’ve worked at Waitrose and John Lewis leading personalisation and digital marketing efforts before moving to the rail industry to try and bring some of my expertise to, what is often regarded as, a more traditional market. I manage workflow between internal teams and agencies to deliver a high-performing, collaborative working environment.

Presentation Outline

For years, agencies have accepted “projects” from clients, often working in isolation to deliver a piece of work that may/may not be what a client needs. Similarly, clients have always struggled to make best use of agencies – using them for one-off projects with little strategic value or challenge. Virgin Trains and Webcredible have worked together successfully for three years and have built up a working model that creates a full agency/client partnership simultaneously delivering strategic value and tactical output. This collaborative approach is facilitated by a number of working processes that allow both parties to make the most of the others’ skill set and work as a unified team. In this co-presentation, Andy and Jess will share some of the tools and techniques that have made this working practice so successful.