Andrew Nott 
UX Creative Director for BBC Sport & BBC Live
Tom Bradley
Director at Code Computerlove

Andrew Nott is UX Creative Director for BBC Sport and the BBC Live platform. Tom Bradley is Design Director at Code Computerlove and formally a Creative Director and Product Exec at the BBC.


What is studio culture and is it still important? We’ve been talking with Google, Co-op Digital, AKQA, Common Good, and to understand how different companies build studio culture amongst their design teams. 

The ways in which design teams work has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Until recently, an organisation’s designers tended to work together in one central creative department. Because designers were situated together, it was easier for them to learn from each other and raise each other’s work to a high standard.We wanted to find out what the state of play was now; What does culture mean for these teams? Why is it important? What works? What doesn’t? How do you build it? What might change in the future?Outline