'Closing The Loop - DesignOps, EnterpriseOps & Digital Transformation'

The preeminent global conference for #DesignOps #ResearchOps #ContentOps #StudioOps #BusinesOps & #InnovationOps for professionals working in digital transformation.

The conference is a convergence of ideas and insights from people who are shaping and informing Digital Design and its related fields.


The DesignOps Global Conference is for design leaders, researchers, developers, practitioners, product managers, service innovators and business leaders that are defining the way we design and develop new products and services.

DesignOps and the 'Ops' Enterprise

How can ‘Ops’ principles enhance the way people in organisations and enterprises work together to deliver better products, services, experiences and outcomes. How do organisations adopt Ops practices and scale design? How does Ops support better internal work flows, facilitate agile ways of working, increase adaptability and streamline processes? How does ‘Ops’ help organisations develop relevant and disruptive products, better services and customer offerings within more complex digital ecosystems?

How does DesignOps help teams connect, co-create and contribute to product and service innovation and deliver value and enhance end-user experiences. What type of practices and principles we need to adopt to support innovation. How do the different guilds of  ResearchOps, DesignOps, DevOps and StudioOps support people, teams and the organisation to work together? What are the design mechanics, new roles and new competencies we need to learn, understand and adopt to ensure teams are delivering at qualified and high quality work that users expect and the organisation needs.

Collaboration and Culture

Design Systems and Beyond

How do we deliver better design through better design practices, optimised toolchains, smarter software and atomic principles? How does Designops support the creative endeavour to deliver better design, brand equity, experience equity and service equity? What are the trends shaping UX, visual and interaction design? What are the next steps and beyond for atomic design principles and what is influencing change?

How do we deliver  transformation within different types of organisations within the private and public sector? How do we adapt and adopt ‘Ops’ as we change the ways we work and shift cultures and constituencies? How do we close the loop between Strategy, Research, Design and Development.

Ops and Service Transformation

DesignOps, StudioOps, ResearchOps, InnovationOps, UX, UI, CX, Service Design, DevOps, Agile, Transformation & much more...

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Erin Figueroa, Senior Director at Slack

Erin Figueroa

Senior Director

Peter Fossick

Peter Fossick

Senior VP of Design and Innovation

Jose Coronado

VP & Head of DesignOps

Katherine Wastell

Head of Digital Design

Patrizia Bertini

International Designops Lead

Lona Moore

Design Community Lead

Matt Beany

Matt Beany

Transition Lead

Dave Cunningham

DesignOps Manager

Kaelig Deloumeau Prigent = Speaker at the DesignOps Global Conference

Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent

UX Development Manager

Scott Kiekbusch

Scott Kiekbusch

Design Leader & Author

Eden Lazaness

Head of Design & Innovation

Basel Deeb - Button Image

Basel Deeb

DesignOps Manager


Learn about DesignOps, ResearchOps, EnterpriseOps, DevOps, Service Design, Design Systems and much more! 

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Peter Fossick

Peter Fossick

Senior VP of Design and Innovation

Enterprise Ops 101 - Changing Behaviours and Measuring Impacts

Roman Schöneboom

VP, UX Design Systems Lead

Lego Serious Play - Collaboration & Ideation For Teams

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May 28 + 29 + 30 in 2020